Official Pre-file Form for Rescheduled Drive-thru Mass Meeting

Rescheduled Drive-thru Mass Meeting
of the Botetourt County Republican Committee

Monday, June 15, 2020 5:00PM – 7:00PM
Read Mountain Middle School, 182 Orchard Hill Drive, Cloverdale, VA 24077

While pre-filing in advance is not required, those who pre-file and turn in their form by Wednesday, June 10th at 5pm will go through an expedited voting process in a separate line. Please use the form linked below. Pre-file forms should be sent to Botetourt County Republican Committee, PO Box 702, Daleville, 24083, or emailed to

VOTING for BCRC Chairman:

This is an inter-party mass meeting, turned into a drive-thru event because of COVID19. This mass meeting event is for the Botetourt County Republican Committee to re-constitute and elect a new chairman. This is not a General Election, nor is it a primary. So, do not be surprised that it will be conducted differently – this event is run by the Botetourt County Republican Committee, NOT the Department of Elections.

In addition to being a registered voter in Botetourt County, all participants must also:

  • Be in accord with the Republican Creed
  • Not have publicly supported a non-Republican candidate in the last 4 years (or be willing to renounce, in writing if requested, such affiliation)
  • Intend to support all Republican candidates in the next General Election (Nov. 3, 2020)
  • Present a photo ID

At the time of voting, all participants MUST bring a photo ID. If you do not pre-file via the form below in advance, you will also need your voter registration card.

If you are only pre-filing as a delegate to the 6th District or State Convention and not voting in the BCRC Chair election, there is no need to attend the drive-thru mass meeting except to drop off your form. However, instead of dropping of your form in person, it would be preferred (not required) that your form be submitted in advance only via the email or address located on the pre-file form, so as not to create extra traffic.

Prefile Form

NOTE: The BCRC Executive Committee voted to continue the status of all pre-file forms already submitted. **If you pre-filed previously, there is no need to pre-file again.**

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